Here, we take a look at another brand using UGC. Unilever’s plant-based food brand, The Vegetarian Butcher, harnesses the influential power of their customers’ images posted to social media.

The Vegetarian Butcher team publishes a blend of brand-created and user-generated content to their Dutch, UK, and Spanish websites (with Germany and Belgium due to go live in 2021). 

These visual collections serve as a source of inspiration for consumers, showcasing delectable meals enjoyed by others who have experienced the brand’s products. Each website incorporates various product-specific galleries tailored to individual product pages.

The powerful AI rules in conjunction with the folder system, allow The Vegetarian Butcher to quickly categorise their best content before being distributed to product-specific galleries (33+ product pages in the Netherlands) across the website.

Campaign Results

6.8% Interaction rate from unique site visitors

URL: The Vegetarian Butcher, Netherlands