Social Jam UGC

A Complete Guide to
User Generated Content


1. What is User Generated Content?

2. The Benefits of UGC

3. The Different Kinds of UGC

4. The Best User Generated Content Examples in Action

5. Developing a UGC Social Media Strategy

6. User Generated Content Best Practices

7. Getting Customers to Post Content Featuring Your Products

8. Where To Include UGC Marketing 

9. Why Content Moderation is Important

10. Cutting Your Customer Acquisition Cost Using UGC 

11. Reducing Return Rates with UGC 

12. UGC Tools: Utilizing a User Generated Content Platform 

A Complete Guide to User Generated Content

User Generated Content. Customer Content. Earned Content. Whatever you want to call it, you might’ve heard about UGC and the amazing things it can do for a brand. Maybe you understand the basic definition – it is right there in the title – content generated by users.

But still, when it comes to marketing we can’t help but ask … What is UGC? And how can brands use it to create connections with their target audience and ultimately increase conversions?

Time to jump right in and learn more about the powerful things UGC can do for your brand. Here, we’ll give you everything you need to know about User Generated Content management. Feel free to read all the way through or click directly to the paths that interest you the most. 

For even more detail, you can click through to the related content included in each section. Let’s get started!

1. What is User Generated Content?

User Generated Content of Women in Park Wearing Meller Sunglasses


So we get that UGC is content generated by users. But what does that really mean for a brand that is hoping to leverage customer content to increase brand recognition and sales? That’s the question we hope to answer throughout this article.

Let’s start with a concrete definition. In a nutshell, User Generated Content (UGC) refers to any content which has been created by a brand’s fans and wider audience that can be used to sell more of a product. This might take the form of pictures & videos shared on social channels, testimonials, reviews, tweets, blog posts, and more.

Obviously, it’s always super cool, as a brand, to hear that customers are happy with your products. But the beauty of UGC lies in the fact that it’s also super cool for other shoppers to hear how happy people are with your products. So, this customer content amplifies the nice things that consumers are saying about you to create brand awareness, instead of a brand promoting itself.

Plus, 78% of millennial are more interested in seeing UGC over Professional Content (PC). Plain and simple, people are more likely to engage with User Generated Content over any other type of content.

When you think about it, the benefits of UGC are endless. Deep down, we all know that people respond better to brand messaging when it isn’t the brand making the messaging themselves.

But, if this isn’t enough to convince you, I can give your brand an even better reason to try UGC: it helps eCommerce stores increase conversions by 15% on average.

That’s right. This isn’t just a cool idea to help heighten your brand’s connection to your target audience (though it can help you immensely in that department!). The data actually supports customer content’s ability to boost sales.

Further, we conducted a study which showed that UGC photos are 5X more likely to convert compared to PC.

UGC photos are 5X more likely to convert compared to professional content