Social Jam – Ireland’s First UGC Platform

Social Jam is Ireland’s first and only UGC platform, here to provide impactful content for e-commerce pages, social media, paid advertising, websites, digital display screens, and more!!

But first, some of you may ask What is UGC and why should I use UGC?

What is UGC?

UGC, short for user-generated content is content centred around a brand, but created by engaged consumers rather than the brands themselves.

This includes:

  • text, images & video, and can encompass an array of different styles such as
  • reviews,
  • product demonstrations,
  • tutorials,
  • unboxing videos, or even
  • artistic projects

The list is as diverse as the people who make it!!! 


  1. It’s self-generating, saving brands money & resources!!

UGC is content posted by your customers about your brand, products, or services. There could be a world of people out there taking Insta-perfect shots of your products, giving tutorials and demos, giving reviews or simply explaining how much they love your brand – this is SO valuable!!!

This means there is a pool of REAL content available for you with zero need to create graphics or video. Tapping into this free pool of content should be a no brainer. There is only so many stock images a marketing guru can use! 

  • It’s authentic, builds trust, and increases engagement

How many of us have gone on a weekend away or holiday and go straight to Trip Advisor to find great places to eat? Why do we do this? Because we want to know what places are REALLY like through reviews, photos, videos etc.

Trust. It’s a short word, but trust plays a pivotal role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. In 2020, Edelman’s annual Trust Barometer found that 70% of consumers believe being able to trust a brand is more important today than ever.

We trust the words from other customers over the words written on a brand’s website or socials. We engage with brands our peers have used before and loved. UGC is word-of-mouth in digital form. Why not use this to your advantage?!?

  • It increases conversions/sales

Did you know that UGC results in 29% higher web conversions than campaigns or websites without it (Adweek)?

If there is one thing that big brands know, it is that CRO (conversion trate optimisation) is KEY  when looking to increase digital sales online. Imagine not only increasing the engagement rate of your campaigns on socials, but also increasing your conversion rate by using UGC on your product pages!

Some brands even go one step further and reward customers for UGC such as gift vouchers, discount codes, free gifts etc. And you know what that means, more content, more engagement, and better brand loyalty.


 So, now that we have covered all things UGC……… Let’s talk Social Jam!!!

Social Jam is THE platform for UGC in Ireland. Why? Because Social Jam is the first and only Irish UGC platform!

Social Jam allows you to:

DISCOVER great user-generated and paid influencer content for your brand. Collect comments, photos, and videos from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and many more networks.

ENGAGE with these creators to get consent to use this content in your marketing campaign!!

This gives you complete confidence to use UGC on your marketing channels knowing you have explicit permission from the content owner.

What’s more?

You can PUBLISH your rights-managed content directly from the Social Jam platform to your website and MONETISE this new, ultra-engaging content by linking your products to each piece of content!

This is a Marketing Manager’s DREAM!!

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